6 Types of Truck Bodies for Any Application

TruckBodies_small.jpgChoosing the right truck body for your application can be a long and challenging process. Do you require a body that can support heavy duty hauls? Does your job site demand dumping capabilities? Will you have to worry about loose material during transport? All of these things are important to take into account when selecting your next truck body. To help you make the right decision, we have gathered the key uses and features of the 6 types of truck bodies we offer. Once you learn a little more about what each truck body does, you can apply your newfound knowledge to choosing one that fits your needs.

6 Types of Truck Bodies

1. Gooseneck Bodies

From mining to agriculture, gooseneck truck bodies are built to handle all of your hauling and towing needs. Whether you are looking to haul equipment or tow a trailer, the gooseneck body can get the job done. Future Line Manufacturing offers a 7’4” model, an 8’6” model, a 9'4" model and an 11'4" model, all designed to fit any make and model of truck.

Additional Features:

  • Light weight aluminum
  • No paint required and designed to last
  • Contoured full vision bulkhead with L.E.D. S/T/T and Back Up Lights
  • 1¾" Extruded Aluminum Flooring 6061-T6 Alloy

2. Platform Bodies

For those work sites that require heavy duty hauling, the platform body can stand up to the task. If your job requires standard or heavy duty applications, platform bodies offer the outstanding durability and versatility you require. Future Line’s Standard Duty and Heavy Duty Platform Bodies are all aluminum and built to last.

Additional Features:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light weight aluminum
  • 160 extruded side rails
  • Various bulkheads and several different floor options

3. Landscaper Bodies

For landscaping applications such as hauling loose material like mulch, hauling pallet material, or dumping pea gravel, landscaper truck bodies are your best choice. With a fully welded uni-body design, the Future Line Landscaper Bodies are reliable and accessible. Their aluminum two-piece top barn doors with compression latch ensure easy access and versatility.

Additional Features:

  • Light weight aluminum
  • Double-walled, double-acting tailgate
  • 1/8” x 40” Tall Sides with Horizontal Brace
  • 48” side door for side access (passenger side standard)

4. Grain Bodies

If you’re in the business of agriculture, the grain body is for you. The Future Line all aluminum grain bodies are light weight for increased payloads while loaded and fuel savings when empty. The horizontal corrugation looks great and allows for a smooth interior for easy unloading of all types of material.

Additional Features:

  • Come standard with three-piece cargo doors with center chute
  • Includes L.E.D. S/T/T/ Lights, Rubber Grommets and Sealed Wiring Harness
  • Options available including two piece doors, extra gate, dump body tailgate and more

5. Dump Bodies

For a job that requires hauling and dumping materials both on and off the work site, dump bodies are the way to go. Future Line’s all aluminum dump bodies are designed to be durable yet light weight. We offer three styles, all coming standard with double acting tailgates with quick release and large bulkhead windows.

Additional Features:

  • Double walled sides and tailgate
  • Auxiliary L.E.D S/T/T Lights in Upper Corner Posts
  • Optional equipment including hoist options, a coal shoot, and cab shields

6. Contractor Bodies

Future Line Manufacturing’s Aluminum Contractor Bodies are built to handle your most demanding job site. Versatile and designed to last, our contractor bodies feature 1 ¾” extruded aluminum flooring 6061-T6 Alloy, double walled sides and tailgate, and dual acting tailgate. We have both a 2-3 yard Aluminum Contractor Body and a 3-4 yard Aluminum Contractor Body to meet your needs.

Additional Features:

  • Large Punched Window with streamlined bulkhead design
  • Quick Release Sides and Tailgate
  • Double Acting Tailgate

We hope that this blog will help you to choose the best truck body for your business. If you need additional information on any of the 6 types of truck bodies that we offer, contact Future Line Manufacturing today.

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