4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Shopping for a Grain Body

Grain_Body_small.jpgWhen you purchase a grain body from a truck manufacturer, like Future Line Manufacturing, you have the opportunity to customize your truck body to your specifications. The benefits to a custom truck body are endless but you will need to do your research first. When your manufacturer asks what size you want, you need to know! If you’re offered custom features, you should have an idea of what you need, want, and can afford. So, if you are in the market for a new, custom grain body, ask yourself these 4 questions before you start shopping.

1. What Material Do I Want?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to any type of material, but you need to choose one that meets your personal needs. Aluminum grain bodies are 45% lighter than steel, meaning increased payloads while your grain body is loaded and fuel savings of up to 12% when it is empty. Additionally, aluminum is corrosion resistant which leads to a longer life and greater reliability.

Steel grain bodies, on the other hand, are typically more affordable than aluminum grain bodies, requiring a lower upfront cost.

2. What Size Do I Need?

Future Line Manufacturing offers aluminum grain bodies varying in length, capacity, and weight, to meet your various needs. From 14 feet to 26 feet, you will need to choose a length that will serve your application. If you don’t plan on hauling much, a smaller, less expensive truck body may be in order. The capacity of our grain bodies ranges from 450 to 835 bushels and the weight is anywhere between 1,500 pounds and 2,325 pounds. While you don’t want to overdo it, you also don’t want to find yourself stuck with a grain body that is just too small.

3. Will I Need Multiple Grain Chutes?

All of our grain bodies come standard with one center grain chute, but if your job requires a little more, we can customize for multiple grain chutes! You can speed up the time you spend on the job by adding a little customization to your grain body. However, if you plan on using your grain body for smaller applications, you can save on the extra grain chute and spend that customization money elsewhere, like with a ladder or tarp kits.

4. Do I Require Three Piece or Two Piece Cargo Doors?

At Future Line Manufacturing, three piece cargo doors come standard on all of our Grain Bodies. With a center chute, our 3 piece cargo doors allow for easy access as well as security during travel. This will ensure that your haul is protected and make things smoother on the job site. If you want to customize your grain body to meet specific loading and un-loading needs, two piece doors are always an option as well. Consider what you will be hauling and which option will make the most sense for your job site before choosing to stick with three piece cargo doors or customizing to two piece.

Once you have answered these 4 questions, you can begin your grain body search. Remember that Future Line Manufacturing offers a wide range of customization options. Contact us for more information.

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